Reminder: Critical API change in Openbravo 2.50 MP9

This is a reminder for people updating their Openbravo instances to 2.50 MP9.

As we broadcasted during the last weeks through different channels there has been a critical change in Openbravo 2.50 public API. Please read carefully this post if you don’t know about it. This change has been included into the recently published 2.50 MP9.

As of today there are four modules (Invoice Register Book, POS Sync Webservice, IDL, 347 report) affected by this change from the 96 modules already published in Openbravo Central Repository. The four modules have been fixed and a new version of them has been published.

If you have any of these modules installed in your instance you should follow the next steps to update your instance:
  1. In Openbravo Module Manager window do a scan for updates. You will get available updates for core module (2.50 MP9) and at least for any of those modules if you had installed them
  2. You have to “Apply all” updates together
This way the update process will be transparent for you. If you have any installed module using DAL that is not published in Openbravo CR you should check that module is not affected before you update your instance. You can read in the post above to learn how to check if your module is affected.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience it might cause.


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