Announcing Openbravo 3 Generally Available

I am very excited to announce the immediate availability of Openbravo 3.0 MP0, the first Generally Available release in the Openbravo 3 series.

It means that Openbravo 3 is now our most stable release and we recommend it for deployment for all projects.  Stability and smooth update to subsequent Maintenance Packs is guaranteed from this moment on.

Openbravo 3.0 MP0 is primarily a stabilization release, including over 180 fixes for issues reported by early adopters of previous release candidates. Besides stabilization, Openbravo 3.0 MP0 also delivers some further productivity improvements that make the usage of the ERP easier and more agile:

  • Several enhancements in the financial flows: based on feedback from early adopters. The main change is the ability to match a transaction with payments from different business partners. There are also a number of usability improvements (filtering capabilities and others).
  • Multi-Currency support: kindly contributed by Ben Sommerville (Eintel), an Australian Openbravo Partner, the new financial flows in Openbravo 3 now support the ability to operate with different currencies. Based on the Currency Conversion Rates entered in Openbravo 3, the documents are posted to the General Ledger in the currency defined in the Accounting Schema.
  • Migration tool to APRM version 2: Openbravo 2.50 instances using the old financial flows will need to migrate to the new financial flows as part of the upgrade to Openbravo 3.  A first version of the module to perform this migration was published 3 months ago. This new version of the module supports all the new capabilities added to the new financial flows (remittances, multi-currency, etc.). It will be available in parallel with the upgrade process from Openbravo 2.50 planned by MP31.
  • Terminology review: some components of Openbravo 3 where not quite clear due to wrong terminology (eg. Standard/Unit/Net Price, Order Completed, etc.). Several of them have been renamed to more standard terms.
  • Spanish Translation Pack Review: the Spanish Translation pack had some issues with the terminology used in the new financial flows and some other areas. It is now completely polished.
  • Ability to add buttons to the toolbar from modules: kindly contributed by Sreedhar Sirigiri (TDS), an US Openbravo Partner, modules can now add custom buttons to be included in the windows toolbar (for a specific window or globally) to extend the capabilities of the system.
  • Clone Orders: based on the previous, TDS has also contributed a very handy option in the Sales Order window: now it is possible to clone any Order in the system (including lines, taxes, etc) regardless of the status of the original document. The cloned order is in Draft status, ready to be modified or processed.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts fully supported: the ability to operate Openbravo 3 from the keyboard is a critical feature that was not fully implemented in earlier release candidates. Now it is possible to operate your Openbravo 3 environment without the need to touch your mouse.
  • Make visible implicit filters: some Openbravo windows have implicit filters (eg. Transactional windows only show documents that are not processed or have been recently modified). Although extremely useful for experienced users, newcomers to the product may find this behaviour slightly inintuitive. Openbravo 3 now makes these filters highly visible with notifications.  There is also an option to hide these notifications, which a user may select once they are familiar with the behaviour.
  • Performance Improvements: new several improvements have been done to improve the responsiveness of the system (caching meta-data definition, optimization of the Form Initialization Component). The user experience is now much faster and smoother than before.
  • Documentation: as the last step to reach the General Availability Status, all the documentation about Openbravo 3 is now available after a deep review and redesign.
    • System Admin Guide: all technical details for System Administrators to install, configure and run the system.
    • Configuration Guide: it includes all the relevant information for Consultants and Advanced Users to do the functional configuration of the system.
    • User Documentation (Getting Started, Business Flow Descriptions, Screens Reference) : functional documentation for end users designed to help them, from getting started to the detailed description of advanced features.
    • How to Localize: a guide for people localizing Openbravo (translation, chart of accounts, taxes, accounting templates and other advanced adaptations).
    • Developers Guide: complete documentation for Developers, from simple How to’s…, to complete reference of all Openbravo components and how to use them.

Openbravo 3.0 MP0 is intended for production usage and it is a fully supported release available in all editions, Community, Basic and Professional Edition. The automated upgrade process for Openbravo 2.50 instances will be available in MP31 planned by July the first. If you are in production on Openbravo 2.50 and you want to upgrade to Openbravo 3 you should wait for MP31 to schedule the upgrade.

If you want to learn more about Openbravo 3.0 MP0, please review the release notes for a full description of the release, download instructions or Amazon EC2 AMI codes. If you are pressed for time and have only a few minutes to learn about the product, you can take it for a spin in our demo environment.

As always, you are encouraged to tell us what you think, by posting a comment on this post, raising an issue in or discussing it in the Openbravo forums.

This release culminates more than 20 months of very hard work of the Openbravo Team and several third-party contributors. It has been a very long birth and we all feel very proud parents of our baby. We do expect you like it. Enjoy!


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