Documentation: Status Update

When I presented the Roadmap for 2012 I announced that the new User Documentation would be published by December 2011. Let me give you an update about the current status and the short&mid term plan of the Openbravo 3 User Guide.

Current status

There are already some areas ready for you to review and provide feedback. This documentation set is placed in our wiki ( and is linked from the main wiki page (User Guide section of it). These are the areas ready for review:

This is the first iteration of putting documentation content for these areas in place and there will be several stages to improve it, but from the documentation structure and documentation approach point of view we consider it final. So you can expect that other application areas of Openbravo will be documented the same way.

As usual we are very interested in your feedback, the best way to do it by posting in our Documentation Forum.

Short term plan

The following areas are in progress:
All these are planned to be documented and ready for review by February 15th, 2012.  Some of them will be available even early, you can track our progress.

Mid term plan

After February 15th, there will be an “interaction” period which will end around mid March for us to polish the user guide “content” based on your feedback.

During the same period or a bit later we are going to add 2 additional parts to the User Guide:
(a) Advanced Features, sections describing features hidden in the out-of-the-box Openbravo configuration because they are not commonly used.
These sections are now empty within each application area.
(b) How to scenarios that we also consider to place within each Openbravo application area.

We will keep you informed on our progress.


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