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Modularity Status Update webinar re-scheduled for next Thursday February 25th

February 18, 2010

The webinar was scheduled for today at 16:00 (CET) as you know. But I  have just known that I have to travel this afternoon and it forces me to delay the session.
I appreciate your understanding and truly apologize for the delay. Please make sure to attend the event on next Thursday February 25th from 16:00 to 17:00 (CET).

I look forward to seeing you there.


Modularity Status Update and Road Map – February 18th

February 9, 2010

Open to all Openbravo Community members, in this webinar you will learn main concepts, achievements  in 2009 and the plan going forward for 2010 related to Openbravo Modularity and Ecosystem. And you will have the opportunity to participate in an open discussion  about a couple of ideas that Openbravo team wants to promote in order to improve collaboration.

Take a look at this post for more details about the webinar.

Reminder: Critical API change in Openbravo 2.50 MP9

December 9, 2009
This is a reminder for people updating their Openbravo instances to 2.50 MP9.

As we broadcasted during the last weeks through different channels there has been a critical change in Openbravo 2.50 public API. Please read carefully this post if you don’t know about it. This change has been included into the recently published 2.50 MP9.

As of today there are four modules (Invoice Register Book, POS Sync Webservice, IDL, 347 report) affected by this change from the 96 modules already published in Openbravo Central Repository. The four modules have been fixed and a new version of them has been published.

If you have any of these modules installed in your instance you should follow the next steps to update your instance:
  1. In Openbravo Module Manager window do a scan for updates. You will get available updates for core module (2.50 MP9) and at least for any of those modules if you had installed them
  2. You have to “Apply all” updates together
This way the update process will be transparent for you. If you have any installed module using DAL that is not published in Openbravo CR you should check that module is not affected before you update your instance. You can read in the post above to learn how to check if your module is affected.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience it might cause.


Critical change in Openbravo 2.50 public API

November 17, 2009
There has been a critical change in Openbravo 2.50 public API to be released in MP9 (November 30th, 2009). DAL implementation of columns referenced as Number in the Aplication Dictionary are mapped now to BigDecimal intead of Float. Getters and Setters for those columns are no longer using Float data type but BigDecimal. For example, instead of

java.lang.Float org.openbravo.model.common.currency.ConversionRate.getDivideRateBy()

now it is implemented as

java.math.BigDecimal org.openbravo.model.common.currency.ConversionRate.getDivideRateBy()

Main reason for this change is that original API (using Float) was wrong: arithmetic operations with Float properties might result in wrong results since java can not represent float-point precisely

As a result, modules and customizations using DAL getters or setters of columns with reference Number will need to be fixed before updating your instances to MP9. The fix is quite simple: just replace the Float method (in getters) or the Float parameter (in setters) by a BigDecimal one.

By November 15th 2009, from almost 100 published modules there are only three affected by this API change:


  • Invoice Register Book
  • POS Sync Webservice
  • IDL
  • 347 report
The four of them will be fixed by Openbravo team and a new versions including that fix will be published at the same time MP9 is published, so updates applied from Central Repository -using scan for updates in Openbravo Module Management window- will be transparently applied without errors. Openbravo team will continuously monitor new published modules during the next months to avoid an instance running MP9 or higher to use a module using old API. We will keep all of you updated on our findings.

You have to take care about your not published modules. It is very simple to check if your module is broken because of this change: update your development instance to current pi repository -or to MP9 after publishing- and build the system: the error will be clearly raised by your system.

Openbravo is strongly commited to keep its public API stable within major versions but there is no point to keep stable something if it is wrong. We have tried to minimize the pain by temporarily creating duplicated getters and setters using both data types (Float and BigDecimal) and setting the Float ones as deprecated to allow a gradual fix of the problem. But it is not possible to have two methods with identical signature and different return type and other approaches would have lead into a more painful solution of the problem.

I apologize for any inconvenience it might cause. This alert has been announced in Openbravo Developers forum:

Please monitor that thread to keep updated on the issue.

Recorded Extension Module webinars available!

October 24, 2009

Recorded “Extension Module” webinars and related resources are available in Developers Guide at Openbravo wiki. Next sessions will be published at the same location.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn how to develop your own Openbravo modules!

Bi-weekly “Extension Module” Demonstrations

October 13, 2009

Open to all Openbravo Community members, this series of webinars will demonstrate through real extension modules the potential of Openbravo modularity, will help you better understand development techniques, processes and tools you can use to create extension modules, and will show concrete functional solutions to address specific requirements that might inspire you to create your own solutions.

Take a look at this post to see next demonstrations calendar and more details